Our Staff

Robin B. - Infant teacher(6 weeks- 11mnths) ;she has been working in the childcare field for 3 years. Robin is currently attending Bates Technical College, majoring in Early childhood education (ECE). She will be recieving her associates degree in June 2012. As the infant teacher, Robin makes sure that all of our infants are nurtured in the best way possible. She believes that infants begin their learning process starting from the day they are born, that is why it is important to verbally communicate with the babies as part of a daily routine. Floor play, tummy time, and reading are all essential to promote growth, physically and mentally, in all babies. Robin is always a welcoming teacher who loves working with babies and plans to continue in this field for many years to come.

Michelle K.
The School-age&Pre-k  teacher (5-11 years old); she has been in childcare for 4 years. Michelle has her Associates Degree in Arts and Science and  will complete her CDA (Child Developmental Associate) in September of 2012. She is currently enrolled at University of Phoenix to complete her Bachelors Degree in Business Administration. Michelle considers goals and objects for each child and develops realistic plans responsive to the needs of all children. She strongly encourages children to take turns talking and listening. To represent the children’s ideas she provides opportunities for them to express themselves thru activities such as painting, making music, and creative movement. Michelle’s favorite activities to do with the children are outside play and to create fun ways for children to learn the essentials for kindergarten and up.


Karla. - Toddler teacher (11 mnths- 2 1/2 years) Karla has been working with children for 2 1/2  years, and has began her Early childhood education (ECE) with Bates Technical college . She has excellent experience with working with young toddlers. She is bilingual, speaking Spanish and English fluently, she teaches, sings, and communicates with the children using both languages. Karla also uses sign language, arts , outdoor and indoor play with all of our toddler 1 children as a form of physical and mental development. She understands that Outside play is just as important and neccessary as indoor play is  for children of this age so she makes sure that the toddlers spend an equal amount of time both indoors and out. The Children absolutely love her and admire her as well. She is a great contibutor to our Toddler  classroom and brings much positivity around her wherever she goes.

Constance S. -  Jr. Preschool teacher (2 1/2 yrs - 3 yrs old) Constance has been working in the childcare field for 3 years. She is currently attending Bates Technical college for Early childhood Education ( ECE) . Constance is a very loving teacher; she encourages all her student to play together,share, and respect others. Constance incorporates story time, finger plays, costume dress up, and dramatic play to allow young children to use their imagination and to help stimulate social and emotional development. She also incorporates language, arts, and other essential key factors of development for our Jr. Preschool children. Constance takes pride in her profession and loves this career that she has chosen.